Stories and legends of Amethyst

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Stories and legends of Amethyst

There are many Myths and legends that revolve around the amethyst and its history, and some of them have reached the present day. The first one that we are going to tell you goes back to Greek mythology, explains the origin of this semi-precious gem:

“Dionysus, god of wine, was in love with a beautiful maiden named Amethystos, who rejected him as she wished to remain chaste and pure. For this reason he decided to ask for help from Artemis, goddess of animals, hunting and virginity. She listened to their prayers and found a way to help the maiden by transforming her into a resplendent white quartz rock. Dionysus, humiliated and angry, poured a glass of wine on the rock, staining its crystals purple and turning it into what we know today as amethyst “.

Dionysus, god of wine

Since then the meaning has been related to the name of the young maiden, Amethystos, with the abstinence and the sobriety, so this gem was considered to be a pontente antidote to drunkenness, which is why, during the Ancient Greece, they began to make wine glasses carved in amethyst stones, thinking that they would be immune to the effects of said drink.

The meaning of the gem has evolved throughout history, so that in the middle Ages, Christianity adopted it as a symbol of renunciation of earthly goods, wearing it in rings or bracelets, a custom that has been extended to the present day.

Mauve has always been considered a royal color, which is why amethyst gems have always been featured in the crown jewels. egyptian and british.

However, the meaning given to it today to this gem is that it grants peace, tranquility and protection.


 “Amethyst is able to dispel bad thoughts and accelerate intelligence” Leonardo da Vinci.


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