Our a responses to your suggestions

Our a responses to your suggestions

First of all, thank you all for the good reception of the ideas contest. We are delighted with the number of responses we have received, and some very comprehensive.

The main proposals that we have obtained have been the following:
• Optimize the web for mobiles and tablets (David): In the new design of the page it is already planned to include a version for mobiles and tablets.
• Change the black background (Elena, Carmen, María, Bea, Nuria, Sandra, Belén, Rocío, Raúl): Although we understand that black is a bit sad, it is also very elegant and is one of our corporate colors. In any case, when we design the new website, we will try other lighter colors to see how it looks.
• Include customer opinions section (Alicia, Rebecca, Nuria, Yasmina): We will make a link to the opinions that they leave in Google, weddings.net, Salir.com and wherever people are giving their opinions, and we will see the possibility to incorporate an option on our new website.
• Make a section with promotions and (Alex, Nora, Susana, Gema): We will include a section of offers in the new design.
• Include more affordable products (Susana and Nora): If you compare similar products with other jewelers you will see that we are almost always cheaper, but we certainly sell jewelry with good quality diamonds, 18 karat gold or platinum and the quality raw material costs what that it costs. It depends on what you get what you pay for.
• Include a page on Twitter and Pinterest (Bea): We already have it but we will give it more life.
• Include online purchases (Alvaro, Ele, Ismael): We actually already have an online store in but until we design the new page we will not be able to integrate it into the main website. www.germanjoyero.com.
• Change the color of the prices (Tamara): We are going to lower the tone in the new design.
• Hang a ring gauge (Ele): You have it in the help menu below https://www.germanjoyero.com/sites/default/files/medidor-de-anillos.pdf
• Include a section to design your own jewelry (Lali, Ismael, Lourdes): I’m afraid that would require very powerful (and expensive) programming and for now we leave it parked. But you know that in jewelry we give the possibility of creating custom jewelry.
• Expand sections and products (Vanesa, Susana, Juan, Manuel, Maria Teresa): As soon as we have the new web design and we take more photographs, we will increase the products.
• Incorporate other languages (Chema): Almost all of our clients are Spanish, but we will see the possibility of incorporating English.
Thank you all for participating.
All the best
Germán Joyero’s team

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