Valentine’s day

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Valentine’s day

In Wikipedia we find this beautiful Legend of Valentine’s Day:

“Many think that Valentine’s Day has been celebrated recently and that it arose out of the interest of large shopping centers, but its origin dates back to the time of the Roman Empire.

Saint Valentine was a priest who was practicing in Rome around the third century. Emperor Claudius II ruled, who decided to prohibit the celebration of marriages for young people, because in his opinion single people without family were better soldiers, since they had fewer ties.

The priest considered the decree unfair and challenged the emperor. He secretly celebrated marriages for young lovers (hence it has become popular that Valentine is the patron saint of lovers). The Emperor Claudius found out and as Saint Valentine enjoyed great prestige in Rome, the emperor called him to the Palace. Valentine took advantage of that occasion to proselytize Christianity.

Although Claudius II initially showed interest, the army and the Governor of Rome, Calpurnius, persuaded him to get rid of it.

The Emperor Claudius then ordered that Valentine be imprisoned. Then, the officer Asterius, in charge of imprisoning him, wanted to ridicule and test Valentin. He challenged him to restore sight to a daughter of his, named Julia, who was born blind. Valentine accepted and in the name of the Lord, he returned his sight.

This event convulsed Asterius and his family, who converted to Christianity. In any case, Valentine remained in prison and the weak Emperor Claudius finally ordered that he be martyred and executed on February 14, 270. The young Julia, grateful to the saint, planted an almond tree with pink flowers next to his grave. Hence the almond tree is a symbol of lasting love and friendship. “

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