Things to do in Valencia

Things to do in Valencia

Valencia is one of the regions of Spain where you can find a wide range of options and activities to develop throughout the year. This city is a vibrant city with a lot of very special places suitable for any type of traveler.

From shopping downtown to tasting the best Valencian rice among its wide range of restaurants or visiting a museum, all these activities can be done in Valencia.

Things to do in Valencia

However, if you want to visit this region and know what options you can do in Valencia, we tell you all the things you can see and do in Valencia.

Visiting the historic center

One of the recommendations when visiting the city of Valencia is to take a tour of the historic center. It is a tour full of options, such as the main streets with the most emblematic stores in the city.

In this tour you can go to a jewelry store in Valencia or choose to buy in fashion stores.

Visiting the cathedral

The cathedral of Valencia is another must-see when you visit this city. If you climb the bell tower of the Cathedral of Valencia you can have a view of the whole city from above.

This area is called the Miguelete and is at a height of 207 steps. Once at the top you will have a 360 degree panoramic view of the city of Valencia.

Enjoying the gastronomy of the land

If it is about enjoying and enjoying the gastronomy of the region, you can find many products in the area for the enjoyment of your senses. Taste the horchata with fartons in the orchard of Alboraya is one of the experiences that you can not miss in this city.

Alboraya is the birthplace of horchata and you will taste the tastiest horchata. In addition, you can enjoy a good Valencian paella in the Palmar area, which is where the restaurants specializing in Valencian cuisine are located.

Visit the Malvarrosa beach

The beaches are another of the most famous areas of Valencia and worth visiting. The Malvarrosa beach is a must, after an afternoon or evening of celebration it is a classic to take a dip in this beach.

Shopping in the most exclusive streets

If you like glamour you can go shopping at Colón and Don Juan de Austria streets. These are two of the most famous streets where you can buy exclusive products. If you are looking for jewelry in Valencia or the best fashion and trendy stores, you just have to visit these streets and enjoy.

As you can see, Valencia is one of the regions with more options to see and to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you go alone or with your family, but in Valencia there are options for all tastes. Whether you love sports or prefer a more cultural visit, you will find places and activities that you can enjoy.

We hope you liked our article about things to do in Valencia. From German Joyero we are very proud to have our jewelry store in the city of Valencia and we will be happy to let you know about it.

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