Jewelry repairs: upgrade your jewelry

Jewelry repairs: upgrade your jewelry

Sometimes we find some old jewelry that we bought a long time ago or were simply inherited years ago and that we do not wear because they are broken, in poor condition or because we see them out of fashion.

Generally, due to ignorance of the existence of repair services, they remain stored in the drawer.

However, we can give you a second chance to continue enjoying them if we take them to a good jewelry workshop for repair.

On many occasions it is only necessary to polish or rhodium the jewel, others may be because a clasp on a necklace broke.

It can also be that unpaired earring because one day you lost it and you have always thought that it is impossible to make an identical one.

The latest trend is to modify or update old jewelry that over the years and the change in fashions are not used. However, an expert jeweler-designer is able to turn something old into current with a series of modifications that are much more worth paying than buying a new jewel.

At Germán Joyero we repair and reconvert your old jewelry into new and original jewelry.
We can keep part of the old jewel to maintain its essence or change it to make something completely new.

Now by fixing your jewelry you can give them a second chance to make them look like the first day.

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