Spring jewelry trends

jewelry trends in spring

Spring jewelry trends

Spring has already settled in our streets. If there is something that revolutionizes our closets and dressing rooms, it is the changes of seasons. While in autumn and winter we select darker and neutral colors, in spring and summer we prefer more cheerful and striking colors.

However, in winter of this year the most daring have become fashionable to incorporate some garment of fluor and neon dyes. Quite a success.


In the world of  jewels  As in the textile industry, certain trends mark the different seasons of the year.  


Do you know which are the precious stones and jewels chosen for this spring 2019? We tell you!


Coral: It is not surprising that one more year this color has been chosen as one of the most representative at this time. It is a classic that is repeated, but it does not go out of style. Its warmth has swept away a very original proposal over the years.  


From German Jeweler  We propose you these spectacular coral earrings. Coral stone is one of the most exclusive due to its difficult extraction from seas and oceans. 




coral jewelry



Ruby: intense red will be one of the main protagonists this spring,  especially those intense and warm tones. Almost garnet red tones predominate, they stand out for being very sophisticated and elegant. 


The main representative of the red color in jewelry is ruby. One of our flagship products composed of rubies is the duchess ring . It cannot be missing in your jewelry box! 


Duchess ring



Joy collection: It is one of our magnificent collections based on moods. It is the perfect jewelry collection for this spring time, as its name suggests, spring is synonymous with joy and happiness. With the arrival of the first rays of sun, the good weather after a long winter, the trees bearing their first fruits and the flowers more beautiful than ever, no one doubts that the word that best defines this season is: JOY.  


This collection  It is characterized by being pieces that have been the result of a combination of characteristic colors of various precious stones. 




Alegria collection



Welcome spring with one of our jewels!


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