We opened a new jewelry store in the center of Valencia.

Joyería German Valencia - Calle Colón 43

We opened a new jewelry store in the center of Valencia.

With all the illusion of the world we inform of the opening of our new jewelry store in Colón street 43, in the middle of the golden mile of Valencia.

Therefore we take the step after many years to the national expansion of our brand and we do it in a big way with the opening of our boutique in the most important shopping street of Valencia and one of the most exclusive in the country, with a long jewelry tradition.

In addition, the store will be run by Alberto Gómez Hernández, former manager of the prestigious Giménez Jewelers, where he remained for 27 years until the announcement of the owner’s retirement.

With this opening, the company German Joyero, founded in 1945 and led today by the brothers Pablo and Germán López Pérez, third generation of owners, adds a luxury showcase to its parent store on the Avenida de Concha Espina 5 where it will continue to position itself in the high jewelry sector, and especially in the sale of natural diamond engagement rings, which has earned it prestigious awards and recognitions throughout its history.

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