Discover the new trends in jewelry to shine in 2014

Minimalist concept

Discover the new trends in jewelry to shine in 2014

After the grapes, the chimes and the toast, it’s time to look ahead and discover what will be the trends that will make you shine in 2014. After observing the collections that the large firms have prepared for this new year, we can say that the accessories have taken center stage, becoming something fundamental to create a outfit perfect, either for the day to day, as for special occasions.

This year we are fleeing mediocrity, as extremes will become a trend: mini jewels will be the star of your day looks, while XXL accessories will glamorize your most sophisticated outfits.

Minimalist accessories will triumph this year, fulfilling that of “less is more.”  Simple and elegant wedding rings, small chains and earrings in petit They will give freshness and modernity to your outfit, whether in white or yellow gold, and also incorporating some brilliant.

At the other extreme we find large and ostentatious jewels, which will give color and a daring point to your most sophisticated looks. Maxi-necklaces, large earrings, striking bracelets and rings will make you the point of all eyes. However, this type of jewelry has a risk, since if we do not know how to combine them it can border on bad taste and eccentricity, so we must be careful and not use them simultaneously.

The star colors this year will be purple, green, coral and turquoise. Vivid and cheerful colors that will give color to looks like a little black dress, or a total white – styles that are succeeding on the catwalks of the world.

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