Most illustrious personalities of Valencia

Most illustrious personalities of Valencia

Valencia is a city with a rich history full of illustrious people who excelled in their areas of expertise. It is, especially, the cradle of personalities in the fields of medicine, art and literature that have come to stand out worldwide.

In this article, we are going to show you the most illustrious characters of Valencia.

St. Vincent Ferrer

Vicente Ferrer was born in Valencia in 1350. He was a thaumaturge, preacher, logician and philosopher who was part of the Valencian Golden Age. He was canonized in 1455 and thus became the principal patron saint of both the city and the kingdom of Valencia.

According to popular legends of the time, St. Vincent Ferrer had the ability to perform miracles with his index finger. For this reason, he is depicted with a raised index finger and a pair of wings on his back.

Joaquín Sorolla

Joaquín Sorolla was a painter who left more than 2,000 works that have been catalogued as impressionist, post-impressionist and luminist. He was born in the city of Valencia in 1863 and his works had the ability to show what the light of his brush could reflect.

Antonio José de Cavanilles y Palop

Antonio José de Cavanilles y Palop was born in 1745. He was a Spanish enlightened scientist, botanist and naturalist and one of the main authors of the Spanish Universalist School of the 18th century. He became one of the most important science communicators of his time. His works contain essential information to learn about agriculture in the region.

Vicente Martín y Soler

Vicente Martín y Soler was born in 1754 and was a composer of operas and ballets. He achieved international prestige and worked in Italy, Austria and the Russian Empire. Not much information is available about his early life. However, Vicente achieved a prolific career by composing music appreciated by his contemporaries.

His style was categorized under Viennese classicism and pastoral style. Most of his compositions were lyric operas that became great successes in their time.

Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

Vicente Blasco Ibáñez was born in 1867 in Valencia. He was a republican writer, journalist and politician who proposed naturalism and realism. Thanks to his newspaper, El Pueblo, a movement known as blasquismo arose in Valencia.

His life was guided by politics, journalism and literature. He defined himself as a man of action who wrote with unique speed. He also loved Wagner’s music.

Luis García Berlanga

Luis García Berlanga was born in 1921. He wrote a large number of cinematographic works during the 21st century that became true classics. But in addition to being a screenwriter, he was also a film director.

Nino Bravo

Luis Manuel Ferri Llopis, better known as Nino Bravo, was born in 1944 and was an internationally renowned singer and composer. Unfortunately, he lost his life prematurely in a traffic accident in 1973.

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