Original wedding bands

Original wedding bands

Discover our collection of original wedding rings in our jewelry stores in Madrid and Valencia. Different styles of wedding bands: half-round wedding bands, two-tone wedding bands in yellow and white gold, sterling platinum, diamonds or customized by our 3D design service.

Types of wedding bands

Alianza media caña de oro amarillo

Half Round Alliances

They are the simplest of all and possibly the most demanded for their simplicity. It could be considered the most classic alliances of all. They always go in yellow gold and are called half round because of their curved shape. It can be a normal or high half-cane, everything will depend on the curvature you want.

Two-tone wedding rings

If what you want is something different, there is always the possibility of combining two or even all three colors of gold, giving it a different and alternative touch.

It is also possible to combine the rings with yellow gold and platinum giving a much more exclusive touch as shown in the picture of our Saga model.

Alianzas-de-boda-ALIANZA-SAGA-BICOLOR-PLA0011. Anillos de matrimonio oro amarillo

Platinum wedding rings

As we have said, this would be the most exclusive option since as it is not alloyed with any other material, the white color does not vary and its maintenance is reduced to a polish every long time. At German Joyero we give it a touch of distinction with avant-garde designs in which we even combine gold with platinum.

Diamond wedding rings

This option is not very widespread but instead it is very common in Anglo-Saxon countries. It consists of a ring with several small diamonds, usually set in white gold or platinum.

The diamond wedding ring has the advantage of being able to be combined with the solitaire on the same finger.

Anillos-alianzas-de-diamantes-anillos-de-compromiso-112677-EFESO-050. Joyerías Germán Madrid

Custom alliances

Finally, it should be noted that little by little the personalized design of alliances is being imposed, with the intention of creating a unique jewel. an appointment is requested at any of our jewelry stores in Valencia or Madrid and a professional will advise the customer at all times in the design.

Original wedding rings in gold and platinum of our own design and all brands of the best Spanish manufacturers with hundreds of options with the best prices. Whether you are looking for classic wedding rings in 18K yellow gold or personalized ones with a unique and original design, in Germán jewelry stores in Valencia and Madrid you will find what you are looking for.

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