Main monuments in the Chamartín district

Parque de Berlin - Monumentos Chamartín

Main monuments in the Chamartín district

From German Joyero we want you to fall in love with the beautiful district of Chamartín and for that reason, we want to tell you about its main monuments.

Chamartín is well known for its elegance and exclusivity, but it also has a large number of sculptural constructions and buildings of great importance in the city of Madrid.

Below, we will tell you a little about some of them.


This park was inaugurated in 1967 and gathers a series of very representative monuments of Germany.

First there is a sculpture of a bear representing the emblem of the city of Berlin.

Another very representative monument is the statue of the German composer Beethoven.

And undoubtedly the best known are the remains of the Berlin Wall located inside one of the fountains. You don’t have to go far to see a slice of Germany’s breathtaking history. Composed of 3 pieces of concrete of about 5 meters high belonging to the old Berlin Wall and were added in the Berlin park in 1990.

Berlin Park


Walking along the Castellana you can find this sculpture of Isabella the Catholic next to the Museum of Natural Sciences.

The monument, in addition to honoring the monarch, also celebrates Spanish unity, which was achieved during her reign.

This 1883 monument to Isabella the Catholic was created by Manuel Oms y Canet.

It depicts Queen Isabella the Catholic with a large cross in her hand and mounted on a horse.

Isabel the Catholic Monument
Isabel the Catholic Monument


Controversial Francoist monument located in the Plaza Duque de Pastrana was inaugurated in 1946.

This monument pays homage to the fallen of the old town of Chamartín de la Rosa during the bloody Civil War.

In 1948, when the municipality of Chamartín became part of the city of Madrid, the monument was added to the historical and artistic heritage of the capital.

The Fallen of Chamartin de la Rosa


This monument, inaugurated in 1885, is located in the Gregorio Marañón traffic circle and honors the Army General Manuel Gutiérrez de la Concha.

This character was of great importance for his strategies in the first two Carlist wars and a large part of the third, where he was killed.

This bronze statue is on top of a stone pedestal and depicts the victorious entry of General de la Concha in Oporto.

We hope you liked the four most representative monuments of the Chamartín district. From German Joyero we are very proud to have our jewelry store in such an incredible place and we hope it will be so for many more people.

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