How to keep your jewelry in perfect condition

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How to keep your jewelry in perfect condition

The watch out of the jewels It is essential for these to remain in perfect condition over the years. Gold, diamonds, precious stones, pearls … Each piece of jewelry requires different care and maintenance.

Diamond Jewelry Care

To properly clean diamond jewelry, you must use ammonia mixed with water, or some other mild detergent. With the help of a brush and this solution gently removes dust or dirt from the piece. It is advisable to rinse and dry the jewelry well after cleaning and perform this action regularly.

Gemstone Cleaning

There is a wide variety of gems and precious stones, so it is advisable to ask your jeweler what is the proper maintenance for each piece.

As for rubies, sapphires and emeralds, it is advisable to clean them with a clean and damp cloth after each use, in this way it is guaranteed that the piece remains in perfect condition over the years. Still, it is recommended to take them to the jeweler once every two years for professional maintenance.

Pearl Maintenance

The care of pearls is one of the most delicate of jewelry, it is advisable to check its stringing quite frequently. And to clean it, avoid the use of soap or detergent, that is, to clean pearl jewelry, simply gently wipe a damp cloth over them.

Other recommendations

Avoid the use of chemicals such as chlorine, detergent, perfumes, hairspray or other abrasive products.

Protect them from potential impacts, and avoid using them for physical activities such as sports, cooking, crafts …

Check the setting periodically.

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