Diamonds and their myth


Diamonds and their myth

The diamond is without a doubt the gem that represents in my opinion the maximum splendor of jewelry and without which this would not be the same. A miracle of nature with a hardness 140 times greater than that of any other stone and with a melting point two and a half times higher than that of steel.There are things that only time and nature are capable of doing.

Diamonds were first found in India 2,800 years ago and were credited with making their owners invincible. Later, and due to the difficulty of their extraction, it caused that until the 15th century only kings, nobles and clerics had the right to possess them. In the 13th century, the King of France, Saint Louis, prohibited any woman, princess or commoner, from wearing diamonds. From his point of view, only the Virgin Mary was worthy of such honor. The first woman to break the edict was Agnes Sorel in the mid-15th century. Being loved by Charles VII of France put her above the law, even despite not having noble blood. The tradition of Diamond Engagement Solitaire was established by Archduke Maximilian of Austria by gifting Princess Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring to seal his love for her. The Archduke placed it on the third finger of his left hand following the ancient Egyptian belief that the “vena amoris” (vein of love) went directly from the heart to the tip of that finger.

The diamond soon ceased to be the privilege of the powerful to create one of the oldest symbols of humanity: that of love and its desire for eternity.

Finally mention that the word diamond comes from the Greek “adamas”, which means invincible. What better association for this work of art that lasts a lifetime?

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