Choosing my wedding jewelry

Choosing wedding jewelry

Choosing my wedding jewelry

The appearance of the bride at a wedding is vital for the celebration of the event, it is so important that a lot of time is spent thinking about the dress and jewelry that will accompany her for such an important day.

All the complements of the same as the jewels , earrings and others are essential and we want to talk to you about that in this article. We are going to give you things you have to think about when choosing jewelry for your wedding, so that you can have more reference points, we hope it helps you

Think of the wedding dress

We must take into account the type of dress we have chosen, so that aesthetically it makes sense with it. Above all, it is important that you take into account the type of neckline that you are going to wear, depending on the type of neckline, you can choose some jewelry or others, thus maintaining a correct elegance. The color of the dress can also alter what you should wear, we recommend that you try and open yourself to all the options.

The time and place of the celebration

It will not be the same if you are getting married on a farm or if you have chosen a large wedding hall for the occasion. Depending on the place we can afford more luxuries in the form of being more or less flashy. The time is also an important factor, if you get married at night you may be able to choose more striking accessories than if you do it during the day. Finally, choosing the jewelry according to the hairstyle you wear or depending on whether you wear your hair down or tied up, as well as the shape of your face is also important. We recommend that you think about these details before choosing and above all, that you try to make the decision based on them.

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