Marian Jaén

Multidisciplinary artist, comes from the world of graphic design, has worked the glass cold, hot, making sculptures and jewelry. Always combining their knowledge in search of a colored light that forms a rainbow, that’s enough to be happy.

Although she studied in London, she went through the School of the Guild of Jewelers of Madrid, Diploma in Gemology by the IGE and by the FEEG, Jewelry Appraiser, expert in Diamond grading and colored stone, amateur Lapidary and continuous learning.

She has made exhibitions since she was 20 years old, starting with collages, sculpture and later with jewelry.

She has participated in congresses, conferences and a long etc..

She wrote in 2016 the code of ethics for the students of Jewelry Appraisal of the IGE, she has been a trainer in the Gemology Laboratory and teacher of jewelry appraisal of the IGE.

She is currently a teacher at the school of the Guild of Jewelers and silversmiths of Madrid and continues with the Jewelry Collection “Miradas”, Collection that was exhibited in February 2020 at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid and in a year where we are approached by the pandemic, she wants to continue communicating through those looks.

Instagram: @marian_jaen_joyas