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Religious medals and crosses, whether hanging from the neck or as pendants on bracelets , are a constant in the life of Catholics.

Widespread as early as classical antiquity, the custom of wearing a devotional medal spread rapidly in early Christianity and continues to exist today. Many medals are linked to miraculous episodes and, once blessed, become an even more precious object of faith.

Religious medals usually represent Saints, Santas or simply memorable events in the history of Christianity.

Why are religious medals worn?

It is very usual for a faithful to wear the medal of the patron himself or of the saint whose patronage he appreciates.

For example, to have an easy pregnancy, a woman can wear the medal of Santa Ana or San Gerardo; To find strength in the face of illness, one can resort to the Saint Catherine medal.

On the other hand, it is customary to carry representations of one of the Marian apparitions, such as Lourdes or Fatima. Also very loved are the medals of the Sacraments, which become significant gifts of communion, details of baptism or confirmation, to give to the protagonists of the ceremony or to the guests.

When are religious medals and crosses given away?

Religious medals and crosses are always given to people who are religious and have a special devotion to a certain Saint or Virgin.

However, generally the religious medals and crosses are given in the first communion or the baptism of a child because it protects whoever wears it and they are loaded with an ideal Christian symbolism for the occasion.

Characteristics of religious medals ?

The most gifted religious medals are 18 karat yellow gold, high quality and made by expert jewelers. You can find them in different calibers and with precious stones such as diamonds or pearls.

The symbology of these medals is so strong that it will become an unforgettable and eternal gift for whoever receives it.

Types of religious medals

There are many types of religious medals and very varied but the main ones are:

Medals for christenings

For girls there is a wide assortment of gold medals and it is common to give the Virgin Girl as gifts. As for children's medals, the Guardian Angel is usually chosen.

Medals of Virgins and Saints

This is the type of medal most demanded by devotees. In 18 karat yellow gold the traditional medals of the different Virgins and Saints predominate. The images on the medals are only on one side and the reverse is used for a recording.

The medal of the Virgen del Carmen , as the patron saint of sailors and the Spanish Navy, has many followers and is highly sought after as a personal detail. Different sizes, openings and shapes.


The scapular is a medal that has images on both sides. It is usually a Christ and a Virgin. The most common of all is the Virgen del Carmen with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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