Original gold and platinum wedding rings of our own design and all brands of the best Spanish manufacturers with thousands of options with the best prices. Whether you want a classic 18 karat yellow gold wedding rings or personalized ones with a unique and original design, in the Joyerías Germán de Madrid you will find what you are looking for.

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What are wedding bands?

Wedding bands are the rings that the bride and groom exchange during marriage to formalize the bond. Normally they are two fairly simple rings, 18k gold or platinum, and inside the wedding ring, the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding are usually engraved.

Wedding bands - Joyerías en Madrid

On which finger do wedding bands go?

The wedding ring is worn on the ring finger, which according to a tradition already followed by the Romans or Egyptians, contains the amoris vein.

In which hand are the wedding bands put?

In most of the world it is traditionally carried in the left hand, however there are also geographical areas in Europe where it is placed on the right, and even in Spain it varies depending on the region (Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia on the left and in the rest of Spain on the right). At German jewelry we believe that it should always be worn where it is most comfortable for us and where we want it.

What material are they made of?

The most used material is 18 karat yellow gold, although you can also see alliances of white gold and platinum or even other metals.

Yellow gold is traditionally used because it is the most classic option and for a practical reason, since because the wedding band is a jewel of daily use it has greater wear and tear. If they are made of white gold, it will be necessary to renew the outer rhodium layer every few years, but this small inconvenience should not deter us from buying the wedding bands that we like the most.

Types of wedding bands

The design is usually simple and elegant, generally no gems are added and smooth models are used, however there are more and more couples who demand more innovative models in which small diamonds or some other precious stone are allowed to be set.

Yellow gold wedding bands are the most classic of all wedding rings, and depending on the shape, the half-round (link) stand out for their simplicity, which is the most traditional model.

The caliber (width) is usually between 2 mm and 4 mm, although like everything, this is a personal decision. Above 5 mm they are better for people with large fingers and hands.

Also common are wedding bands that combine yellow gold, white gold and rose gold giving it a different or alternative touch and even combining gold and platinum as you can see in the collection of wedding bands from German Jewelry .

Diamond alliances are another trend in Anglo-Saxon countries that has the advantage of being able to combine it with the solitaire engagement ring on the same finger.

Personalized wedding bands

Finally, personalized wedding bands are a trend around the world. If what you are looking for is a unique and tailor-made design that is undoubtedly the best option. In our Madrid jewelry store you can request an appointment and a professional jeweler will advise you on the creation of a 3D design before it is done by hand in the jewelry workshop .

Personalized wedding bands