Theodora solidarity bracelet

The Theodora Foundation since 1994 he has been bringing his doctors smiles to hospitals to make sick children more pleasant. German Joyero wishes to collaborate with its mission by  create the Bracelet and earrings that bear the logo of the Theodora Foundation and allocate 100% of the profits to support their cause 

The solidarity jewelry line is related to the #ModoSonrisaON campaign of Fundación Theodora. The leimotiv of this campaign is that even though life presents us with unfavorable circumstances – such as those experienced by the main beneficiaries of the Foundation’s work, hospitalized children and adolescents – if we put a smile on it and try to get the On the positive side, things are seen from another perspective and it becomes more bearable. 

You can get these and other solidarity products from Fundación Theodora both in our jewelry stores located at Serrano 114 and Avenida de Concha Espina 5 in Madrid, as well as directly in their online store  

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Theodora Foundation solidarity bracelet