Types of gold rings

There are several types of gold rings depending on their shape, gemstones, materials, or design. When speaking of a ring or ring, as a general rule, it is a woman's jewel and depending on how the ring is, it may have a different meaning depending on the occasion.

An engagement ring that by its shape represents the commitment to marry and share life with another person is not the same as a wedding band that, due to its recognizable smooth and simple shapes, is used on the wedding day.

Gold rings can be of three types depending on the occasion, design or characteristics:

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Diamond solitaire ring

This model is the most classic and traditional of engagement and order rings. It would consist of a ring with a single diamond generally set in a claw so that the diamond is in the air and the light makes the diamond shine with greater intensity. This will be the most classic and sober of all the engagement rings. The solitaire ring is a simple piece of jewelery, made up of a metal ring, usually white gold, and a gemstone set that is usually a brilliant-cut diamond.

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Diamond wedding rings

Diamond wedding rings are generally made in 18 karat white gold or sterling platinum and are made up of a band of small diamonds set in a rail or claw. Originally the diamond alliance is complete with its entire arm of diamonds, however today half diamond alliances are practically made to be able to change the size of the ring and to avoid hitting the diamonds at the bottom.

Wedding-rings-ALIANZA-SAGA-BICOLOR-PLA0011-D1. Yellow gold wedding rings

Wedding rings

Wedding bands are the rings that are exchanged during the marriage by the bride and groom to formalize the link. Normally they are two fairly simple rings, 18k gold or sterling platinum, and inside the wedding ring, the name of the couple and the date of the wedding are usually engraved.

Diamond rings

Diamond rings

Within the gold rings with diamonds are both the solitaire diamond rings and the diamond alliances that we have just explained. However, there is a wide variety of rings that, due to their modern shapes and designs, do not have to symbolize a commitment and are acquired for anniversary gifts, birthdays, births, Christmas or for any other reason. We can find small and minimalist rings to give a detail or authentic pieces of high jewelry that are unique and of great value.

Color germa rings

Colored gemstone rings are usually combined with brilliant-cut diamonds to make them stand out more and give them a special elegance. The most common gemstones are ruby, sapphire and emerald, but depending on the design and whether they are made in yellow or white gold, other equally elegant gemstones are used such as topaz, amethysts, tanzanites or aquamarines. They can also be gifted as engagement or engagement rings but they are not the most common since traditionally it is a type of ring that is given only with diamonds.

Plain-gold-rings-Ring-ROSARIO-0AN010133. German Jewelry Madrid

Plain gold rings

When we think of a plain gold ring, the classic yellow gold wedding bands come to mind, however there is also a type of gold rings that are given without the need to have such symbolism that indicates commitment. Currently there are very minimalist and original design lines that are perfect to wear every day. As they do not have diamonds, ruby, sapphire, emerald or other precious stones, they are generally made in 18 karat yellow gold to make them stand out more and make them more attractive to the eye.

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