Discover our collection of gold piercings made in 18 Kt. gold. Exclusive designs that merge elegance and the latest trends, which merge gold with the brilliance of diamonds and the most spectacular gemstones. Combine them and create an unrepeatable and different look every day.

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Gold piercings are nowadays a booming trend that has us in love, but how can you combine your ear piercings and get the desired Ear Look? You can combine them by type of gold, you can choose several piercings in yellow or white gold. You can also combine them by style both plain and with diamonds or colored stones or you can opt for plain earrings and earrings, simplicity is your thing!


The lobe piercing is the most classic earring in women, it is performed in the middle part of the lobe and at the same height in both ears. These traditional earrings are usually medium to large in size, smooth and symmetrical.


These earrings are located in the upper part of the lobe where you can have between one and six holes drilled. This small area is reserved for the smallest and most delicate earrings, which can always be combined by mixing sizes or textures.


The helix piercing rests on the cartilage and is, without a doubt, our favorite piercing. It is usually the second piercing that we perform, after the lobe earring. The ideal helix earring will be minimalist, with angular lines and a soft avant-garde touch.


The Daith earring is the most special and internal piercing possible and its use is reserved for the tidiest of women, as it must be removed every night to sleep comfortably and can be easy to lose.


The tragus piercing is probably the most daring earring and, without a doubt, the winning trend this season. We recommend you to choose this small earring with an irregular shape, avoiding the more symmetrical and traditional shapes.


The Snug earring is the ideal earring to represent the most bohemian girls, it is placed in the middle of the external part of the ear. The ideal trend for the snug piercing is boho chic, but you can always transform the look depending on the color, material and piercing mix you choose.


Our last earring is round and tiny, the rook piercing. You should see it as a detail that completes your image.


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