Chokers and necklaces for women in 18 karat gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other incredible gems. Pendants that combine different colors and textures with the most original motifs from gold balls, chokers, crosses, letters and any other you can think of using our custom jewelry service.

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Types of gold pendants and necklaces

There are several types of gold pendants and necklaces according to their lengths. Our jewelry in Madrid helps you distinguish between necklace, pendant and choker to choose the most suitable jewel.

What is a necklace?

The necklace is the jewel that is displayed on the neck. Its long part starts at 50 cm in length and can reach up to 1 meter in the event that it is given several turns on the neck as it usually happens with pearl necklaces.

What is a pendant?

As its name indicates, the pendant is a jewel that hangs around the neck and is held by a handle on a chain. The size is usually very different and the type of chain that holds it will depend on the design of the pendant.

What is a choker?

The choker is a short necklace that appears on the upper part of the chest and is always tighter around the neck. Its length may be different depending on the person wearing it, but the most common measurements are 40 and 50 cm.

How to choose pendant and necklaces according to design and precious stones

In our Madrid jewelry store we only work fine jewelry in 18 karat yellow and white gold with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other top quality precious stones.

Below we show you types of gold pendants and necklaces according to the different styles of our jewelry.

Solitaire pendant in white gold with brilliant cut diamond

Diamond necklaces and pendants

Our collection of gold pendants and necklaces with diamonds is characterized by combining classic and timeless designs such as diamond solitaire pendants with diamonds of the best purity, color and cut with official gemological certificate from IGI, HRD and GIA and on the other hand we present avant-garde and minimalist design jewelry for your daily looks or more special occasions.

Pendants-and-necklaces-of-colored-gems-Ruby-sapphire-emerald-Pendant-DUCHESS-Ruby-and-Diamonds-0CLS30002. Ruby border

Color gem pendants and necklaces

Our collection of gold pendants and necklaces with colored gems uses the highest quality rubies, sapphires and emeralds at the most competitive prices to be purchased directly in the countries of origin, however we are demanding jewelers and we try to incorporate precious stones into our collections different spectacular colors such as tanzanites, morganites, amethysts, topaz, aquamarines and many more.

Pendants-and-necklaces-of-gold-smooth-Pendant-INITIAL-BALL-0CG010086. Initial letter ball pendant

Plain gold pendants and necklaces

For clients looking for simplicity, we do not forget smooth gold jewelry. We use quality gold alloys with modern and attractive designs for everyday looks. Choose the jewel that you like the most, either in yellow gold or also combined in white or rose gold, obtaining a unique jewel design that will make you shine.

Crosses and medals - Plain gold pendants and necklaces - 18 kts gold FLAT Cross

Gold crosses and medals

In our section of pendants and necklaces you cannot miss the most classic religious jewels such as crosses and gold medals. This type of jewelery is ideal to give in baptisms and communions of our little ones or for the most important Catholic clients who are looking for their favorite Saint or Virgin.

Gold chains - joyerías Madrid

Gold chains

No pendant is a pendant if it is not worn with a chain and it is for this reason that our jewelry strives every day to have the best quality gold chains. Yellow and white gold chains of different styles such as barbada, forxá, roló or venetian and other unique high jewelery chains for your most exclusive pendants.

Get to know our exclusive catalog of pendants and necklaces from our online jewelry store or come and see them in person at our Madrid jewelry store on Avenida de Concha Espina 5 . Our specialized jewelers will advise you at all times to choose the perfect gold pendant or necklace for every occasion.