Official repair rates

Tailoring of alliances and fine rings:
Reduction up to 3 sizes gold 18 k: 65 € *
Extension up to 3 18k gold sizes: 85 € *
Rest of works According to budget
* These prices do not include rhodium plating if the piece requires it.
Rhodium layers:
Wedding rings, fine rings and short earrings € 70
Rest of works According to budget
Wedding rings, fine rings and short earrings € 25
Rest of works According to budget
Basic stone setting (stone replacement is charged separately) € 40 per setting
Stranding of pearl necklaces € 30 per thread
Laser engraving on jewelry € 30
Welds (If it must be polished or renew rhodium, it is charged separately) € 30
Other works According to budget

General conditions

  • Prices include VAT
  • A theft and breakage insurance For pieces with a value greater than € 2,000, it will be mandatory and its cost will be 1% of the agreed value of the piece between Germán Joyero and the depositor. In case of loss, theft or breakage, Germán Joyero will replace the piece or indemnify the owner up to a maximum of the agreed value for insurance purposes.
  • The non-acceptance of the previous budget it does not entail any type of expense for the client.
  • The shelter constitutes a deposit contract and must be kept, since it will be required for the collection of the jewel or thing deposited (hereinafter the jewel), or to exercise any other derivative right.
  • Repairs will be guaranteed for a period of twelve months from delivery of the jewel and will only cover manufacturing defects. Damages caused by blows or due to negligent care of the jewel are expressly excluded.
  • In case of breakage or theft during the custody of the jewel by Germán Jeweler the client will be entitled to the replacement of the piece, and if this is not possible to compensation for the amount of the agreed value for insurance purposes. If no insurance has been agreed, the compensation will be the estimated value of the piece with a maximum of € 2,000. Once the compensation has been paid, Germán Joyero will have the right to ownership of the lost or broken jewel if it is recovered.
  • The collection period of the jewel will be thirty calendar days since it has been made known to the client. Once the period of thirty calendar days of the previous point has ended, five percent per month of the value of the jewel will be charged as custody expenses, and the jewel will become a pledge. Twelve months after the completion of the work was made known without paying the costs of the repair and custody, Germán Joyero SA will be empowered to terminate the contract and enforce the rights over the pledge to compensate itself financially.