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Women's jewelry in Germán Jewelers

The most prestigious women's jewelry is usually made of yellow gold, 18k white gold or sterling platinum.

The most basic women's jewelry in any woman's jewelry box are earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. Among these are the most sober and classic diamond jewels and those that contain colored gems the ones that will best combine with our most colorful clothing.

The different types of gold jewelry for women are:

Gold rings

There are several types of gold rings depending on their shape, gemstones, materials, or design. When speaking of a ring or ring, as a general rule, it is a woman's jewel and depending on how the ring is, it may have a different meaning depending on the occasion.

The most common types of gold rings are: Diamond solitaire rings, diamond wedding bands, diamond wedding bands, diamond rings, colored stone rings, plain gold rings.

Engagement and engagement rings

Gold earrings

There are many types of gold earrings and their choice depends on the woman's style, design and materials. The earrings of our jewelry stores are made in 18 karat yellow gold and white gold and can be plain, if you are looking for a casual outfit or with diamonds and precious stones such as pearls, ruby, sapphire and emerald if you are looking to impress at a special event.

The most common types of gold earrings are: diamond earrings, plain gold earrings, pearl earrings, colored stone earrings, bridal earrings, detachable earrings and pierced or second earrings.

Gold pendants and necklaces

There are several types of gold pendants and necklaces according to their lengths. Our consultants in our jewelry stores in Madrid and Valencia help us to distinguish between necklace, pendant and choker to choose the most suitable jewelry.

The most common types of gold pendants and necklaces are: diamond pendants, colored stone pendants, plain gold pendants, medals, crosses and gold chains.

Bracelets-of-colored-gems-Ruby-sapphire-emerald-Bracelet-diamonds-ALEGRIA-0CLP30001. Ruby, sapphire, emerald

Gold bracelets

Gold bracelets are the ideal jewelry to complement any type of look. A bracelet can be perfect for a special occasion or event but it can also accompany the day to day being part of each person's own style. The variety of gold bracelets is so wide and for this reason we are going to tell you everything you need to know to be able to choose correctly.

The most common types of gold pendants and necklaces are: gold and diamond bracelets, colored stone bracelets and plain gold bracelets.

Personalized gold jewelry

We are pioneers in the manufacture of custom jewelry, and we have a team of professionals who will accompany you at all times, controlling the entire creation process from 3d modeling to jewelry manufacturing. Everything in our jewelry workshop in Madrid to guarantee the best quality. And as for the price, do not worry, since in addition to the fact that all the estimates are without obligation, you will hardly notice the difference compared to the purchase of a jewel already manufactured. Create a solitaire ring for a one-of-a-kind request, or replicate that gem your mother always wore and can't find anywhere.

(For more information enter the section “ Custom Jewelry ”)

Personalized 3D gold jewelry

Women's jewelry: Frequently asked questions

Avoid contact between your jewelry and cosmetic products; Do not perform sports activities with them to avoid hitting them; Keep the jewelry in a small jewelry box or bag where they are safe and avoid rubbing against each other; Clean the diamonds with a toothbrush, water and soap to remove all the shine.

Use water, neutral soap and rub the jewelry with a toothbrush in a circular motion. Then dry them and rub them with a soft cloth. To get more shine there are special chamois that work great.

With the passage of time, jewelry suffers from everyday wear and tear. It is advisable to take the jewelry to your trusted jeweler for polishing. In the case of white gold, the rhodium layer disappears over time and must be plated with rhodium in a jewelry workshop to make them as good as new.

Gold jewelry can be dulled and damaged by exposure to soap and liquids. Gold is a relatively soft metal and can be scratched and damaged by shocks. Do not take gold jewelry to the pool because chlorine as well as other chemicals can permanently discolor gold.

In the case of precious stones, even more care must be taken. Never take the pearls to the beach because the erosion of the sand will spoil them. Avoid sudden temperature changes with emeralds and, of course, avoid practicing sports or physical work that may cause shocks to the jewelry.


For any questions you can contact our Customer Service Department in Madrid or Valencia through our telephone numbers 914117251 and 962825907 or write to our email