Jaime Moreno García

Madrid (1943)

Engineer, by the Polytechnic School of Madrid, this designer of author’s jewels has been formed and acquired experience in important jewelry workshops.

He makes his jewelry as a form of artistic expression and a way of expressing his creativity. Many of his pieces are unrepeatable and unique and others are part of limited series of very few units.

The brand, “Jaime Moreno-Art in Fine Jewelry” is especially recognizable, as it corresponds to exquisite and distinctive artistic pieces, aimed at women with a unique taste and lifestyle, who love design and want to express their personality and individuality.

Her jewelry is admired and acquired in the Spanish, American and Arabian markets, where she has held temporary exhibitions.

She has participated in more than 25 exhibitions during the last 10 years.

She has received 10 awards and distinctions in national and international jewelry competitions, highlighting the “Best Piece of Jewelry” Award at the International Jewelry Show Inhorgenta – 2018 (Munich).

He appears in numerous publications, national and international, specialized magazines, newspapers and television interviews.

Web: www.jaimemoreno.com

Instagram: @jaimemorenojoyasdeautor