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International gemological certificates

Free rhodium plating or polishing renewal forever*.

* According to the conditions of the customer loyalty program.

We have the engagement ring of your dreams

At German Joyero you will find the most extensive catalog of gold and diamond engagement rings. You can see our jewelry in detail and choose the setting for your engagement ring in both 18 karat gold and platinum. Choose diamonds according to weight, purity and color with the most competitive prices on the market and adapted to all budgets. Unique designs, for all styles and budgets and with a free lifetime maintenance service.

CERTIFIED DIAMONDS: Our solitaires and halo rings are manufactured entirely in Spain and all diamonds over 0.30 carats are accompanied by a gemological certificate issued by a prestigious international laboratory such as GIA, HRD, IGI.

QUALITY: We only use quality materials: 18 karat white gold or fine platinum; diamonds of great color and purity and natural colored stones.

AFTER SALES: You will have a two-year manufacturing warranty, and after that time we will continue to give you the best after-sales service because the rhodium plating to replace the color of white gold or polishing of yellow gold is free for life both in our engagement rings and for our wedding rings. wedding rings.

VARIETY: In addition to the brilliant cut, we work with princess cut rings, pear cut rings, and any other size that exists in the market. If you are looking for a special solitaire ring, you will be delighted with our custom jewelry service.

ORIGIN OF DIAMONDS: At Germán Joyero we are aware of the need to verify the origin of our gems and especially diamonds. That is why we only work with suppliers that comply with the certifications of the Kimberley Process (KPCS) that prevents the diamond trade from being used to finance military conflicts.

Engagement and engagement rings. Paris engagement ring

Wide variety of rings

We work the two most noble metals in all colors. From the classic white gold, or yellow gold, to the most daring rose gold, and also the exclusive platinum.

In addition to a wide selection of frames, you can make use of our customized ring service. Don't limit yourself to the classic brilliant solitaire, halo rings, princess or pear-cut rings, colored diamonds... At Germán Joyero the limit is set by your imagination.

Certified diamonds

Buying diamonds from German Joyero is synonymous of guarantee because the diamonds will come with an official gemological certificate from the GIA, HRD or IGE, which are considered the best in the world.

The certificate will include the characteristics of the diamonds that determine their quality (color, purity, cut quality, weight). We only work white colors (minimum H), with impurities not visible to the naked eye (minimum SI), and with very good or superior size (VG+). We also discard diamonds with strong fluorescence (strong) or with colored shades (milky).

You can order your certificate for brilliant-cut diamonds as well as for more fancy cuts such as princess or pear-cut diamonds.

Gemological diamond certificates. Official HRD gemological certificate
Jewelry contrast. Punch and 18 kts gold contrast (750 mm)

With the maximum guarantee

All our 18kt gold and platinum engagement rings are tested in a Spanish metal laboratory. According to Law 17-1985, of July 1, 1985, on objects made of precious metals, all jewelry must pass a strict quality control in a metals laboratory and must bear an official contrast.

The engagement rings in white and yellow gold have a contrast of 750 thousandths corresponding to the first law gold and in the case of platinum engagement rings, its punch will be of 950 thousandths.

German Jewelers in Madrid and Valencia

Diamond engagement rings in our Madrid and Valencia jewelry stores

We put at your disposal our two jewelry stores in Madrid and Valencia and our website with online sales service throughout Spain with free shipping. We want to give you the best attention and have the best shopping experience in one of the most important moments of your life.

Do not hesitate to contact us and you will find the perfect engagement ring for that special person.

Engagement Rings: Frequently Asked Questions

In Germán Joyero we sell engagement rings in 18 karat gold and natural diamonds with a wide possibility of color, purity, weight and cut configuration. We also offer in many of our models the possibility of using platinum instead of gold.

The most common is not knowing the exact size of the finger of our partner, so we always recommend to give the ring in a standard size and then come to the bride to take the exact measurement to fit the ring accurately. The ring fits perfectly.

All our diamonds are natural, and from 0.30 carats and above will be accompanied by a certificate from one of the three most prestigious laboratories in the world (GIA, IGI or HRD). The weight, color and purity are completely configurable by the client, the cut will always be Very Good or Excellent, and we discard diamonds with Strong or Very Strong fluorescence. In short, diamonds of very high quality.

For more information go to the section "diamond characteristics".

Of course. In Germán joyero we create jewelry from a drawing or photo from scratch. The price will hardly go up, although the time required to create it will logically be longer. But it will be a unique engagement ring and perfectly to the customer's taste.

For more information enter the section "Personalized Jewelry".


For any questions you can contact our Customer Service Department in Madrid or Valencia through our telephone numbers 914117251 and 962825907 or write to our email