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What is an engagement ring?

At Germán Joyero we have been selling gold and diamond engagement rings since 1945, but this tradition is not at all recent, since it dates back to Roman times, and the ring with a diamond dates back to the 15th century.

An engagement ring is one that, according to Western customs, is given as a gift in order to indicate your commitment to marry. It is usually made of noble materials such as gold or platinum and contains a precious stone or several, usually a diamond or several. When choosing diamonds for the engagement ring, the most recommended is 18k white gold or platinum, since the diamond reflects the color of the setting and this will not reduce its luminosity and will reflect the white with greater intensity.

Engagement ring

How is the engagement ring given as a gift?

Traditionally in Spain a meeting was held between families and an official request for a hand was made. However, this custom has practically fallen into disuse and today it is given as an intimate act and often by surprise. In a restaurant or during a trip it is usually the most common.

On which finger is the engagement ring worn?

The engagement ring is worn on the ring, since traditionally it was considered that the amoris vein passed through this finger, which communicated directly with the heart.

In which hand is the engagement ring worn?

There is no unanimous answer. In some countries it is on the left and in others on the right. Even within the same countries there may be differences, so it is best to choose the hand that is most comfortable and in any case observe what the people around you are doing.

How to choose the engagement ring?

It is really advisable to choose a ring that the person who is going to give it will like, taking into account the character and physiognomy of the person who is going to receive it.

Obviously the budget is also decisive, since diamonds can have very high prices. In some countries it is recommended that a budget of two salaries be allocated, but in the end it is necessary to adapt the particular situation of each person.

To help you, we have made a selection of engagement rings that you can see in our jewelry store in Madrid that will help you decide based on the personal tastes of your fiancée.

Solitaire ring

The Solitary Ring

The solitaire ring is the most classic and traditional of engagement and engagement rings. It would consist of a ring with a single diamond generally set in a claw so that the diamond is in the air and the light makes the diamond shine with greater intensity. This will be the most classic and sober of all the engagement rings, ideal for traditional people.

Diamond wedding rings

Diamond wedding rings

This is a very current option that is very frequently used. It is characterized by a setting made up of several diamonds of the same size around the arm of the ring.

Brilliant alliances can be complete, that is, with diamonds around the entire ring, but the most common would be the half diamond alliance, with diamonds occupying half of the ring. It is a slightly more informal option, ideal for eminently practical people, as it is then very comfortable to wear on a day-to-day basis.

Color Engagement Rings

Color Engagement Rings

Since Prince Charles gifted Diana of Wales with the wonderful sapphire and diamond ring that Kate Middleton now wears, one thing has become clear: engagement rings don't have to be set only with diamonds.

There is an immense variety of colored gems such as ruby, sapphire or emerald that can give a great originality to your engagement ring.

Personalized Engagement Rings

Finally, for those who want something unique, personalized designs are a very good option since using 3D technology you can design the ring to your liking, with the measurements, gems and characteristics you want, making a design real that will mean something to you. you and your fiancée and be assured that no bride will wear the same ring.

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Personalized Engagement Rings