The fancy or brilliant cut diamond wedding rings are a very fashionable option for people looking for a modern engagement ring that are more discreet to wear every day. Diamonds with high qualities, and 18 karat white gold settings. Diamond wedding rings are an excellent value for money option.


Engagement Rings - Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are one of the great competitors of the classic solitaire rings. Today, diamond alliances are a trend as engagement rings due to their versatility, simplicity and minimalism. In addition, they look great on the same finger with the wedding ring.

Diamond alliances are eternal and we have a wide range of possibilities with them, from the marriage request as an engagement ring to other special moments such as the birth of a baby or to surprise your partner on a birthday or anniversary.

Engagement rings in white gold and platinum

Characteristics of diamond wedding rings

Diamond wedding rings are generally made in 18 karat white gold or sterling platinum and are made up of a band of small diamonds set in a rail or claw. Originally the diamond alliance is complete with its entire arm of diamonds, however today half diamond alliances are practically made to be able to change the size of the ring and to avoid hitting the diamonds at the bottom.

How to choose diamond wedding rings?

If you want to choose a diamond wedding ring you must take into account some aspects of your partner, such as the size of the hand and fingers where it will be worn or the skin tone. These characteristics, in addition to your partner's own taste, will determine how the engagement ring should be.

Types of diamond wedding rings

There are several types of diamond alliances that we can find in the market to give as gifts and among them, we can highlight the following:

Rings-alliances-of-diamonds-engagement-rings-112677-D1-EFESO-050. German Jewelry Madrid

Brilliant cut diamond wedding rings

Brilliant cut diamond alliances are the most traditional because they use the most traditional brilliant cut . This type of carving is the most common because it is the brightest of all thanks to its 52 facets and perfect symmetry created to bounce light to make it shine. It is a true aesthetic marvel for anyone's eyes.

Rings-alliances-of-diamonds-engagement-rings-112914-D1-MICENAS-050. German Jewelry Madrid

Fantasy cut diamond wedding rings

Diamond alliances with different fantasy cuts are an excellent option if you are looking for something more original and different. At German Jewelry we always go for princess cut diamonds because of their great brilliance and elegant cut. Baguette rings that are set with more elongated diamonds are also common, but it is a type of cut that loses a bit of shine.

Personalized diamond wedding bands

Finally, for those who want something unique, custom designs are a very good option because through 3D technology you can design the diamond wedding ring to your liking, with the measurements, diamonds, gems and features you want to make real a design that will mean something to you and your fiancée and be assured that no bride will wear a ring like it.

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