The earrings are key jewelry in our catalog. There are many types of earrings for women: the classic earrings for everyday wear, elegant long earrings in white gold with diamonds and pearls and models with a more original touch of colored gems such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. We also have a wide variety of bridal earrings.

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There are many types of gold earrings and your choice depends on the style of the woman and the design and materials of the earrings. The earrings in our jewelry are made in 18 karat yellow gold and white gold and can be smooth, if you are looking for an informal outfit or with diamonds and precious stones such as pearls, ruby, sapphire and emerald if you are looking to impress. a special event.


In our Madrid jewelry store we not only sell jewelry, but we also want to advise our clients and for this reason we give you some guidelines to choose your gold earrings.

Gold earrings according to the woman's style. Choose earrings according to dress and hairstyle

The style of the dress

If the style of the dress is classic, choose not too large earrings, although if it is something more modern, it may be a good idea to wear larger jewelry, which attracts attention with purer lines or even, if the air is more casual, you can opt for something more daring.

Hairstyle type

The hairstyle you wear will also mark the aesthetics of the earrings for collected hair, long earrings look good and in the case of wearing your hair down, you can opt for something smaller and closer to the lobe.

types of gold earrings for women Choose earrings according to neckline and the shape of the face.


This is a small detail, but you should also think about it, if you wear an open V neckline or a thin strap, choose long earrings, but if you wear a box neckline, it is advisable to wear short earrings. The best thing is always to try how it looks in front of the mirror.

The shape of the face

Finally, taking into account the shape of the face to choose the earring is also recommended, for a round face, fine and elongated earrings look good, while, if the face is more elongated, we can do the opposite, that way we will highlight the features much better. As you can see, they are small details but they can make the "final touch" to such an important day as it deserves.


Diamond earrings. Long String earrings in white gold with brilliant cut diamonds 0.40

Diamond earrings

Our collection of gold earrings with diamonds is characterized by combining classic and timeless designs such as diamond solitaire earrings with diamonds of the best purity, color and cut with official gemological certificate from IGI, HRD and GIA and on the other hand we present jewels avant-garde and minimalist design for your daily looks or more special occasions.

Plain-gold-earrings-Yellow-gold-white-gold-rose-gold-Yellow-gold-earrings-SPHERE-0CLP20016-D. Yellow gold

Smooth gold earrings

For clients looking for simplicity, we do not forget the smooth gold earrings. We use quality gold alloys with modern and attractive designs for everyday looks. Choose the jewel that you like the most, either in yellow gold or also combined in white or rose gold, obtaining a unique jewel design that will make you shine.

Pearl-earrings-Earrings-CHATON-GOTA-PE020029. Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings

The pearl earrings are the most chosen of the bride because the pearls being white combine perfectly with the wedding dress. They are usually accompanied by earrings as it is an ideal combination to highlight their elegance and most of the time they are made of 18 karat white gold.

PRIMAVERA yellow gold earrings with topaz, tourmaline, peridot and quartz

Color Gem Earrings

Our collection of gold earrings with colored gems uses the highest quality rubies, sapphires and emeralds at the most competitive prices to be purchased directly in the countries of origin. However, we are demanding jewelers and we try to incorporate into our collections different precious stones of spectacular colors such as tanzanites, morganites, amethysts, topaz, aquamarines and many others.

Pearl-earrings-Earrings-AROS-AND-PEARL-white-gold-and-diamonds-132459. White diamonds

Bridal earrings

The bridal earrings, together with the wedding bands , are an essential complement to complete the look of a bride. The wedding is a unique event in the life of any person, therefore, it is important to take care of all the details, especially the appearance of the bride.

In our Madrid jewelry store we not only sell jewelry, but we also want to advise our clients and for this reason we give you some essential guidelines when choosing a bridal earrings.


Detachable earrings

Gold appliques and earrings are an excellent option if you are looking for versatility. You can accompany your classic diamond solitaire earrings that you use in your day to day with spectacular appliques or detachable earrings for more special occasions.

Mini earrings and second earring - Piercings - Criolla_Estrellas2

Piercings and second earring

Without a doubt the piercing and second earring are the latest fashion in earrings. Now that more and more women are looking for discreet and minimalist jewelry for daily looks, this is an excellent option. You can combine different piercings every day by adding the ones you want according to the holes in your ear. You can even use diamond or plain gold piercings on the same ear giving a chic touch.

Finally, for those who want something unique, the Personalized designs are a very good option since using 3D technology you can design the wedding earrings to your liking, with the measurements, diamonds, gems and characteristics that you want, making a unique design real and having the assurance that no bride will wear one. equal slopes.

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