There are many types of gold earrings and their choice depends on the woman's style, design and materials. The earrings of our jewelry stores are made in 18 karat yellow gold and white gold and can be plain, if you are looking for a casual outfit or with diamonds and precious stones such as pearls, ruby, sapphire and emerald if you are looking to impress at a special event.

The most representative types of gold earrings according to design would be:


In our jewelry stores in Madrid and Valencia we not only sell jewelry, but we also want to advise our customers and for this reason we give you some guidelines to choose your gold earrings.

Gold earrings according to the woman's style. Choose earrings according to dress and hairstyle

The style of the dress

If the style of the dress is classic, choose not too large earrings, although if it is something more modern, it may be a good idea to wear larger jewelry, which attracts attention with purer lines or even, if the air is more casual, you can opt for something more daring.

Hairstyle type

The hairstyle you wear will also mark the aesthetics of the earrings for collected hair, long earrings look good and in the case of wearing your hair down, you can opt for something smaller and closer to the lobe.

types of gold earrings for women Choose earrings according to neckline and the shape of the face.


This is a small detail, but you should also think about it, if you wear an open V neckline or a thin strap, choose long earrings, but if you wear a box neckline, it is advisable to wear short earrings. The best thing is always to try how it looks in front of the mirror.

The shape of the face

Finally, taking into account the shape of the face to choose the earring is also recommended, for a round face, fine and elongated earrings look good, while, if the face is more elongated, we can do the opposite, that way we will highlight the features much better. As you can see, they are small details but they can make the "final touch" to such an important day as it deserves.


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