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There are different types of diamond rings depending on the occasion. They are given as engagement and engagement rings, especially diamond solitaire rings and diamond wedding bands. They are also rings that can be given on other occasions without the need to acquire any type of commitment such as birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas gifts to give several examples.

Diamond engagement rings

The most common metals to make this type of ring are 18 carat white gold or sterling platinum, since the purity and color of the diamond stands out much more in white. In the case of solitaire rings, diamonds from 0.30 ct must always go with their respective gemological certificate from the GIA of the United States and HRD and IGI of Antwerp, as they are the most important and internationally recognized.

The most common types of diamond rings are:

Solitaire diamond ring

Diamond Solitaire Rings

The solitaire ring is a simple jewel, composed of a metal ring, usually in white gold, and a set gemstone that is usually a brilliant cut diamond, which is why it can also be called a brilliant solitaire ring. It is also usually called diamond solitaire or brilliant solitaire although it has diamonds on the sides to accompany the central stone. These rings are undoubtedly the most used as engagement rings and requested for being the most classic of all.

Diamond ring wedding band

Diamond wedding rings

The brilliant cut diamond wedding rings are the most traditional because they use the brilliant cut, which is the most traditional cut. This type of carving is the most common because it is the brightest of all thanks to its 52 facets and perfect symmetry created to bounce light to make it shine. It is a true aesthetic marvel for anyone's eyes. They can also be used as engagement and wedding rings or as a women's wedding band.

Rosette diamond ring

Rosette Diamond Rings

Rosette or rosette rings have the same shape as the solitaire diamond but are made up of small diamonds set in pavé. This is an excellent option compared to diamond solitaire rings because they are less expensive as they do not have a large diamond and shine very similar.

Although you are planning to make a special gift, the diamond ring is a sure hit for any woman both as an engagement ring and for any important occasion.

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