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Customer loyalty program

Clients card


Customers who have made or are going to make purchases over € 1,000 may enroll in our loyalty program, which, among other advantages, proposes un 15% off on all our jewelry and watches from the moment they are registered. Customers will receive by mail a card whose main advantage is to be transferable, so your friends or family can also benefit from the discount.

And if you have lost your card, don’t worry, just indicating your name and surname will be enough for us to find you in our file.

So now you know, if you plan to buy a jewel of more than 1,000 euros, enroll in the program and automatically receive a 15% discount on that purchase and  on any other jewel you purchase in the future, whatever its price.

NOTE: enrollment in this program must be done through a form in our jewelry stores, therefore it is not valid for online purchases.