Types of gold bracelets

Gold bracelets are the ideal jewelry to complement any type of look. A bracelet can be perfect for a special occasion or event but it can also accompany the day to day being part of each person's own style. The variety of gold bracelets is so wide and for this reason we are going to tell you everything you need to know to be able to choose correctly.

Diamond-bracelets-122701-Bracelet-RIVIERE-300-CTS. Diamond bracelet

Gold and diamond bracelets

Diamond bracelets are typically made in 18 karat white gold. They are made in white gold because if the diamonds have good purity and color they will look much better. Without a doubt, diamond bracelets are the most elegant and exclusive and have the advantage of combining with any dress or garment of any color.

Bracelets-of-colored-gems-Ruby-sapphire-emerald-Bracelet-diamonds-ALEGRIA-0CLP30001. Ruby, sapphire, emerald

Color Gem Bracelets

Colored gem bracelets are usually combined with brilliant-cut diamonds to make them stand out more and give them a special elegance. The most common gemstones are ruby, sapphire and emerald, but depending on the design and whether they are made in yellow or white gold, other equally elegant gemstones are used such as topaz, amethysts, tanzanites or aquamarines.

Plain-gold-bracelets-Yellow-gold-white-gold-rose-gold-Yellow-gold-bracelet-MEDIA-CANA-0PU010047. Half cane

Plain gold bracelets

Plain gold bracelets are simple and elegant. You can wear them to match other jewelry as long as they have the same gold color. When the bracelets do not have diamonds or other precious stones, they are generally made in 18 karat yellow gold. Currently there are very minimalist and delicate design lines that are perfect to wear every day.

Choose gold bracelets according to their material

The bracelet should never clash with the rings, so observing how the rings that someone wears frequently are, it would guide the search for a good bracelet. If the rings are in yellow gold, it is convenient to use the yellow gold bracelet and vice versa.

Choose gold bracelets according to their shape

You also have to choose the gold bracelet according to its shape. If you are looking for a modern touch, we can find a wide variety of bracelets based on geometric shapes such as circles, ovals of different sizes, rectangles, among other possibilities.

Gold bracelets with precious stones are one of the most popular types. It will depend on the color of the bracelet, if it is yellow, white or pink gold and the characteristics of the precious stones. It is possible to find bracelets with sapphires, ruby, emeralds and diamonds, among others.

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