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Wedding rings

Wedding rings

Once the engagement ring is delivered and the wedding is organized, the wedding rings are acquired to formalize the link in the ceremony. They are usually the same or similar and are chosen by both grooms. Yellow gold wedding rings are the most classic, but rose gold, white gold, and platinum are also excellent choices.

Types of wedding bands

In German jewelers in Madrid and Valencia you will find the most extensive catalog of gold and platinum wedding rings with the leading brands of bridal jewelry such as LK Navarro, Argyor and Duo that you can customize to your liking using its simple configurator alliances.

Wedding rings in yellow gold

Yellow gold wedding rings are undoubtedly the most traditional and demanded by the bride and groom who want a classic and timeless jewelry. Their main advantage is that they are maintenance-free, unlike white gold wedding rings that lose their rhodium layer over time.

Half shank wedding band

They could be considered the most classic wedding rings. are generally made of yellow gold and are called “half shank” because of their curved shape. It can be normal or high half-round, depending on its curvature. It is undoubtedly the most demanded model for being the most simple and timeless of all wedding rings, making it never go out of fashion.

White gold wedding bands

At the beginning of the new millennium, white gold wedding rings were a trend, being the most chosen by the bride and groom. These wedding bands are elegant and look especially good with diamonds, and are ideal to accompany the diamond solitaire engagement ring. Over time, platinum has been replaced by platinum because of its lower maintenance requirements.

Platinum wedding bands

As we have said, this would be the most exclusive option since as it is not alloyed with any other material, the white color does not vary and its maintenance is reduced to a polish every long time. Platinum being somewhat more expensive for having a higher specific weight and being more difficult to work, many brides and grooms have a preference for this metal for their wedding rings.

Personalized wedding rings by Germán Joyero

Finally, it is worth mentioning that little by little the 3D jewelry design is becoming more and more popular, being able to customize the wedding rings to the customer’s taste. You can make an appointment at any of our jewelry stores in Madrid or Valencia and a professional will advise you throughout the creation process.

For more information enter the section “Personalized Jewelry“.

Wedding Rings: Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding bands are the rings that the bride and groom exchange during marriage to formalize the bond. Normally they are two fairly simple rings, 18k gold or platinum, and inside the wedding ring, the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding are usually engraved.

The wedding ring is worn on the ring finger, which according to a tradition already followed by the Romans or Egyptians, contains the amoris vein.

In much of the world it is traditionally worn on the left hand, however there are also geographical areas of Europe where it is placed on the right, and even in Spain it varies depending on the region (Catalonia, Balearic Islands and Valencia it is on the left and in the rest of Spain it is on the right).

At Germán Jewelry we believe that it should always be worn where it is most comfortable and where we feel like it.

The most commonly used material is 18 karat yellow gold, although you can also see white gold and platinum wedding rings or even in other metals.

Traditionally, yellow gold is used because it is the most classic option and for a practical reason, since the wedding ring is a jewel of daily use, it has more wear and tear. If they are made of white gold, it will be necessary to renew the external rhodium layer every few years, but this small inconvenience should not dissuade us from buying the wedding rings that we like the most.


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