Types of gold chains

Gold chains are an essential element of any jewelry. They are used to hang all kinds of medals , crosses , gold plates and designer pendants . The most widely used metal is 18 karat yellow gold, but white gold is also sometimes used, generally for design pendants.

The most commonly used measures of gold chains are 40, 50 and 60 centimeters which will depend on whether it is for a child, a woman or a man.

Here we show you some of the most classic chain models that can be easily purchased in jewelers.

Gold chains - BARBADA CHAIN

What is a curved gold chain like?

Barbed chains are made up of flattened and braided links that are subsequently intertwined to create a chain. The curb is a variation of the classic gold chain, it is very popular in 1mm format and in thicker options, ideal for highly elaborate necklaces. On many occasions, the surfaces of the links are polished to give them a diamond cut, providing a more glossy finish and thus providing a more professional finish.

Gold chain - FORXA CHAIN

How is a forxá or forced gold chain?

The forxá or forced gold chain is an excellent choice for light and delicate pendants. On the other hand, if you want an extra shine choose a diamond cut surface.

Gold chains in yellow and white gold- ROLO CHAIN 151651

How is a rolled gold chain?

Roló gold chain is a type of chain made with fairly wide D-shaped links but with a uniform size and design. The rolled gold chain usually has hollow links and looks a lot if we relate it to its weight in gold. Its value for money is excellent and it is available in different varieties, making it a versatile option to add medals and religious crosses or any type of gold pendant.

Gold chains - VENETIAN CHAIN

What is a Venetian gold chain like?

The Venetian chain is made with cube-shaped links. The small cubes are linked together to form a sturdy, smooth-looking chain. This type of chain is used more in white gold and is a great option to add long pendants .

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