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When it comes to engagement rings, most people think of a solitaire diamond ring. This model is the most classic and traditional of the engagement and proposal rings, consisting of a ring with a single diamond, generally claw set so that the diamond is in the air and the light makes the diamond sparkle more intensely. This will be the most classic and sober of all the engagement rings.

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Characteristics of solitaire diamond rings

The solitaire ring is a simple piece of jewelry, composed of a gold metal ring and a set gemstone, which is usually a brilliant-cut diamond, so it can also be called a solitaire brilliant ring.

Solitaire rings with diamonds can be fancy cut (princess, oval, pear heart) or with other precious stones such as ruby, sapphire or emerald. It is also usually called diamond solitaire or brilliant solitaire although it has diamonds on the sides to accompany the central stone.

How to choose a solitaire diamond ring?

If you want to choose the right solitaire ring, you must take into account some aspects of your partner, such as the size of the hand and fingers where she will wear it or the tone of her skin. These characteristics, in addition to your partner’s own taste, will determine how the engagement ring should be.

The solitaire ring is designed to be worn as a symbol of commitment between the couple.

Personalized Diamond Solitaire Rings

Finally, for those who want something unique, custom designs They are a very good option since using 3D technology you can design the solitaire ring to your liking, with the measurements, diamonds, gems and characteristics that you want, making a design real that will mean something to you and your fiancée and be sure that no bride will wear a ring like it.

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Personalized engagement rings


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